Nirmal Karam and Kirtan Adi

Gong Puja

Gong Night

Grounding, Meditation and centering within a sound universe lasting a whole night

From October 12th 2024 9pm to October 13th 2024 7:30 am


Early Bird rate 100 euros
After 01/09 115 euros

The Gong


A true instrument of transformation used in many yogic and meditative practices, the Gong is a great master of tone and overtone creation, weaving a space of holistic resonance to allow the mind to calm, induce a meditate and relaxing state and bring a deep feeling of serenity and neutrality, a complete rebalancing of the physical and energy bodies.


L’histoire du gong est longue et il a été utilisé en cérémonie depuis au moins 2100 années mais il y a des indications que l’histoire du gong est beaucoup plus longue. Ses origines se trouvent quelque part entre Tibet et Myanmar et ensuite il s’est développé en Indonésie, Thaïlande et Inde pour éventuellement être introduit dans des orchestres symphoniques européennes vers 1791. Dans les années 60 Le gong a été introduit dans la pratique du Kundalini yoga.


A night of Ceremony

  According to the teachings of Don Conreaux, one of the world’s leading authorities on Gong teaching and practice, the ideal length of a normal Gong bath is 45 minutes. However, he developed the Gong Puja or Gong Night to weave together 10 gong baths or 450 minutes of uninterrupted sound to create a deep space of healing, clarity and lightness

Practical details


This practice is open to everyone from 16 years of age – no previous knowledge/initiation is required


You arrive around 9pm with your equipment to sleep comfortably and we open the space with gentle movement and chanting for those who want it, after an opening ceremony, the Gongs begin to play at 11pm and they don’t stop until 6:30am.

After a moment of integration in the silence we offer an Ayurvedic breakfast to prepare for your day and we finish around 7:30 am

The Gongs are played at a relatively low level to allow people to sleep, it is in fact a state of “waking sleep” and one can at any time meditate around the 15 gongs of different frequencies (planetary, symphonic, chao, Thai) that will be played. Sitting meditation areas will be available around the gongs for those who wish to experience the instruments up close.

Benefits of the Gong

An individual and collective


An opportunity for inner connection

Meet the organizers

Nirmal Karam is a Kundalini Yoga and Gong teacher based in Brussels.He defines himself as a seeker. He focuses his practice on personal transformation processes. He has trained and explored the world of gong intensively with Don Conreaux, Methab Benton, Mojca Malek, Aidan McIntyre and Mark Swan, also working with the Gong Theatre of the Soul and the Four Temperaments Masks with Bob Horwell. More recently he is exploring the opening of the voice, in particularly with Nikki Slade through Kirtan and Raga practice. He organises gong baths, Kirtans. Gong trainings and gong pujas in Belgium and throughout Europe.


 Kirtan Adi is passionate about researching the human being and its immense creative potential. She teaches Kundalini Yoga, Yoga for children, teenagers and seniors and has trained in the practice of Gong with Don Corneaux, Aidan McIntyre and Mark Swan. She created the Yoga Studio Brussels where she gives classes, offers relaxation sessions to the sound of the gong and leads workshops. She organises Gong Baths and Gong Nights in Belgium and has been invited to play the gong in France, Italy and the Netherlands. She is currently preparing a series of workshops that integrate the practice of Gong and Yoga.





✨ And and international team of players

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